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Here we go!


We're moving right along in this new world of blogging! We have been keeping a little busy with our new camper, and we're quickly learning how much more we need to learn. To be fair though, I am pretty sure every entrepreneur spends a good bit of their career figuring out how to keep changing with the times. We figured out that when the paint can of Primer & Paint says it covers in one coat, it is not quite accurate. After finishing the third coat this week, we've also learned what brand not to buy. We are also shopping for generators for mobile events which is so exciting!

On a bright note, we discovered that our initial budget was higher than what we needed, and that's always a good thing! We also confirmed what we've suspected for years now - we hate taping everything prior to painting. LOL!

As I finish up my second cup of coffee on this beautiful summer morning, I have to get back to learning everything I need to learn on our new business venture. Please continue to follow us on our journey, and share it with friends and family.

Until next time!

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